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At the beginning of April 2011, 56 double and triple rooms on eight floors were completed with all the necessary facilities for a memorable trip, such as free high-speed internet, comfortable sleeping services, laundry services, room service, etc. And the air of Nowruz and the enthusiasm of newly arrived travelers started their activities. Sometimes, all the chairs of Firuzeh restaurant were filled with different accents and cultures, and with the wave of energy and smiles that flowed between the guests and the hotel hosts, the tasteful artists turned to the hotel, and the lobby was decorated with colorful stores of handicrafts, ornaments, paintings, Beautiful statues, and dishes. Every year, with the arrival of Ardibehesht and the fragrant season of rose water, foreign tours are added to Iranian guests and are welcomed by the people of Kashan and the surrounding villages.
Various celebrations, scientific conferences, and promotional and educational seminars are held in Aqiq and Yaqut halls with a capacity of more than five hundred people throughout the year, and fellow citizens, along with other compatriots and foreign guests, take advantage of all the facilities of the hotel. Periodic events such as Yalda and Nowruz. With live music, colorful buffets of food, and special reception, they have opened their place in the hearts of Kashan and non-Kashan guests that they start booking programs several weeks in advance. About nine years later, in May 2020, 52 more rooms including three Royal, Senior, and Junior suites and double rooms (some of them with a spacious terrace) were added to the collection, along with other amenities such as a gym, a store and a gallery at Khaneh Yashm and an amber cafe, and newer parts are still being built. This complex started its activity in 2011 with three stars and in 2023 it managed to get the fourth star.

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